Whenever you buy something expensive you probably take great care not to damage it. With a car, you’ll take it to get regular checkups. With a new phone, you get a case and screen protector to make sure it doesn’t break easily.

With a roof costing thousands of dollars, shouldn’t you exercise the same care to avoid losing that investment? Debris, such as leaves and branches gathering on your roof, can allow water to pool up on your roof and do damage to it. It could also encourage growth of mold and moss.

If anything large falls on your roof, it is possible that it causes structural damage. You should have your roof inspected to make sure that that isn’t the case.

If you decide to do work on your roof yourself, safety is very important. Falls from roofs can easily turn fatal, so always use fall protection. You should never use a ladder improperly, and it is always best to have a spotter keeping an eye out for you instead of working on your own.

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